The Opportunity Project seeks to support organizations and provide programming that will help address health disparities in communities throughout South Carolina that suffer from the heightened risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, and mental illness as well as gaps in access to affordable healthcare.  We believe that no South Carolinian should be without affordable access to quality health care, and the Opportunity Project will work to ensure that this is a reality.


Part of moving our children past and away from “minimally adequate” is ensuring that they’re technologically savvy. For our students in rural districts, it’s particularly important that we work with corporate technology partners and other key stakeholders to give our students, our schools, and our community organizations the technological tools they need to ensure that we are preparing our children for school and a modern workforce.


Minimally adequate has been the standard for too long for South Carolina public schools.  We can do better, and our students and families deserve better. The Opportunity Project will work to support the organizations and people who support our schools, our families, and our students.


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